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How to increase natural light levels in your home

Natural sunlight improves our mood and energy levels. It’s also been shown to increase productivity. That’s why so many offices are now fitted with panoramic windows.

If you want to banish seasonal affective disorder, increase your levels of vitamin D, and bring more light into your home, then we can help. Here are just some of the ways you can increase your exposure to natural light and make your home a sunnier place.

Open up your view with aluminium framed windows and doors

Aluminium is an extremely strong material that can support large panes of glass. Because less framework is required, the glass area of an aluminium framed window or door is maximised.

As a result, you gain a sleek, stylish window that allows as much light as possible into your home. You’re also able to enjoy the view from your windows without any restrictions.

Designers love aluminium frames as they give them the flexibility to create highly customised windows that bring depth and dimensions to a room.

Save space with bifolding doors

Bifold doors are multiple doors fitted to runners. Because the doors slide and fold back onto themselves, they take up less space than a traditional hinged swing-open door.

This space-saving functionality makes bifolding doors perfect for opening up your house to the garden. You can choose to fold one door back or have all the doors folded into each other. The entire entrance, around 90%, can be opened up.

Aluminium framed bifold doors are ideal if you want to create a really narrow profile door. This lets in maximum light while keeping heat in and cold out. This thermal efficiency will help to reduce your heating bills.

Let light flood in through a roof lantern

Roof lanterns and flat roof lights are becoming increasingly popular as they make an eye-catching design feature as well as bringing additional light into a room.

Installing a roof lantern or flat roof light can transform any room or hallway. Spaces seem much larger as light comes down from above. You also gain a new view that lets you enjoy every moment of daylight and gaze at the night sky.

Because you’re less dependent on artificial light, especially during the summer months, you can cut your electricity bills and enjoy natural daylight for longer.

Fit Velux windows to maximise natural light

As they’re generally fitted into the slope of a roof, Velux windows allow natural light to enter a room throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky. Giving you more light and less shadow.

The beauty of Velux windows is that they don’t require any major changes to your roof structure. Whatever the size and shape; a Velux window can usually be designed to your specifications.

As well as increased light, you also benefit from being able to control ventilation and improve air quality in your home. This is useful if you have condensation and humidity issues.

Would you like to bring more light into your home?

Crown Conservatories and Windows has been installing double glazed windows for over 20 years using market-leading products.

We can advise on the best products and styles to suit your home and lifestyle.

To find out more, call us on 01252 617385 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Construction of Conservatory. Very professional approach. The tradesmen involved knew...
Mr Harury, Fleet, Hampshire
Fitting of composite front door, upvc back door and 5 upvc windows. Very good service...
Mrs Sanderson, Fleet, Hampshire
Conservatory installation. Brilliant, very good workmen.
Mrs Coles, Fleet, Hampshire
Single story rear extension with Origin bifold doors - excellent, can absolutely recommend
Mr Appel, Bracknell, Berkshire
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